We do not plan to support cpc.exe after the CodePlex TFS servers are migrated to TFS2010. However, tfc.exe will still continue to work against the new TFS urls.

The CodePlex Client is not currently being maintained. The focus of the CodePlex team now is on the SvnBridge project (based on overwhelming user feedback). The CodePlex Client will continue to work going forward, and we'll do our best to answer any questions, but unless there is a serious security bug, please don't expect any further releases.

What is the CodePlex Source Control Client?

The CodePlex Client is a command line source control client for CodePlex users. It supports working fully offline in a traditional edit-merge-commit style. It requires .NET 2.0.

The release ZIP file includes two executables: cpc.exe and tfc.exe.
  • cpc.exe can be used to talk to the CodePlex source control servers, and has a CodePlex project-based command line. It hides the fact that there are multiple TFS servers. It allows users to enter their CodePlex username & password rather than having to know their domain credentials. Finally, it supports the anonymous access features of CodePlex TFS servers for non-coordinator/developer access.
  • tfc.exe can be used to talk to any TFS server, and has a TFS url-based command line. It supports automatic authentication with your currently logged in credentials.

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